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Our experienced mediation and financial professionals, coupled with our certified personal development specialists, understand relationship stress and tailor thegooddivorce process to each of you. After the complimentary consultation, we’ll be able to suggest some optional next steps. This may be any one, or all of:

Exploring relationship repair

Exploring separation

Evaluating divorce

Amicable mediation

Coaching & emotional support

Co-parenting coaching

Financial mediation & division

Financial coaching

Emotions matter, and they have an enormous impact on decision-making and timelines. Our unique approach helps you learn how to best navigate the emotions so you can make intentional, informed decisions.


Our Process

At thegooddivorce our experienced mediation and financial professionals, coupled with out certified personal development specialists, understand this uniquely personal situation and tailor thegooddivorce process to help separate and divorce better. After the first complimentary joint consultation, you and your spouse meet with our team individually. This gives each of you the space to share, to be heard, and to make decisions about what is important for you and your children. Our personal development specialists help reduce and avoid conflict. Sounds ideal, yes… we believe that divorce can be done better. Separation and divorce can be emotionally, physically and financially stifling – our process strives to be the opposite.

Our unique process includes:

  • Short term financial plans

  • Short term parenting plans

  • Financial clarity

  • Clarity regarding child support calculations

  • Negotiations that result in property division and spousal support

  • A parenting plan and schedule that is child centered – we are promoters of healthy engaged parenting

  • A process that includes a separation agreement draft, followed by a legally binding separation agreement

  • Weekly/bi-weekly conversations with our personal development experts to help you navigate the inevitable emotions surrounding separation and divorce

  • Weekly/bi-weekly conversations with our mediators that provide financial insight and clarity for today and tomorrow

  • Independent legal advice to ensure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities

  • Independent legal advice that ensures your separation agreement protects each of you

  • Access to a list of outside resources such as child psychologists, tax lawyers, realtors, accountants, etc.

Emotions matter. And they have an enormous impact on decision making and timelines. Our unique process helps you handle the emotions so that you can save money and time, but more importantly you can extract positives from your divorce and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


At thegooddivorce we address the three largest stressors:

1. Time

thegooddivorce process is a four month process. The traditional family law process takes anywhere from a year and a half to four years.

2. Cost

thegooddivorce costs significantly less than the traditional process.  Trust us, a high conflict divorce is spendy and has no ceiling on what you’ll spend. We quote in flat rates, we have no hidden fees, and we bill you in five installments over the course of the four month process.

3. Children

thegooddivorce process is child centered. We help you learn how to step into the new role of healthy co-parents. We educate and share through this process to empower all of you. The traditional process can result in court dates, affidavits, and destructive moves that leave long term scars.

Traditional Law vs. thegooddivorce

Traditional Law - an endless timeline & extreme costs

  • You hire a lawyer and pay a retainer ranging from $3,000 – $5,000.
  • Your spouse hires a lawyer and pays a retainer ranging from $3,000 – $5,000.
  • Uncertainty: There is no certainty around cost, how long it will take, resolution or self-growth.
  • Lawyer files a Statement of Claim for Divorce. The potential for conflict heightens.
  • Lawyer files a Statement of Defence. The potential for conflict heightens).
  • Reactive and Adversarial. This process heightens conflict and potential for conflict.
  • Fear. How are interim expenses and support payments handled? Lawyers send back and forth letters and possible court dates may be required.
  • Request for disclosure is sent between lawyers.
  • Trust is instantly lost and each of you start to question things you didn’t moments ago.
  • You and your lawyer review your disclosure and send everything to your spouse’s lawyer.
  • Your spouse’s lawyer reviews spouse’s disclosure and sends it to your lawyer.
  • Your respective lawyers review and analyze all disclosure.
  • How are the children? Is there a plan in place that speaks to their well-being?
  • Discoveries. Where you are questioned by your spouse’s lawyer.
  • Affidavits. Where you pay and sign a sworn document that supports your version.

thegooddivorce - four months & a flat rate from day one

  • You and your spouse jointly attend thegooddivorce complimentary consultation and receive a thorough understanding of the thegooddivorce process and a flat fee quote for thegooddivorce process.
  • Individual weekly/bi-weekly meetings start for both you and your spouse with your personal development, parenting and financial professionals.
  • Short term parenting and financial plans are put in place.
  • Detailed disclosure requirements are discussed and time lines are set.
  • Financial disclosure is provided from both parties to your financial consultant.
  • Property division is finalized.
  • Parenting Plan is finalized. (if applicable)
  • Child support (section3, 9 and 7) is defined and implemented. (if applicable)
  • Spousal support is defined and implemented.
  • thegooddivorce settlement plan is finalized.
  • You meet with your lawyer, review and sign your settlement agreement.
  • You move forward with your new normal.

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