We care. And we help you prepare for all of the bumps that come with divorce that will, without question, test you.

With divorce comes ups and downs. Sadness, anger, disbelief, denial, grief … the ups and downs come in all shapes and sizes. And there’s only one thing that you can control … and that is you and how you handle it.

Setting yourself up for success looks like having experts at your fingertips that can help you prepare for what is coming and guide you towards your best you. Why is this important? Because while you are sitting in the muck of divorce it is hard as hell to see the light at the end of the tunnel, never mind what’s right in front of you.

We work with both of you together, however, the majority of the meetings are with each you individually to help reduce the inevitable tension which allows you to divorce better.

thegooddivorce meetings consist of financial disclosure, property division, support and parenting strategies which are all encompassed by what makes us different then other divorce firms … a personal development component that helps you stay on a positive path through divorce and life afterwards. We help you separate your lives and move forward.

What a good divorce will cost.

We will save you money. We do not charge large retainers; you have the choice of a flat fee or an hourly rate whichever you feel will best meet your needs. We have no hidden fees or disbursements.

thegooddivorce process will be FAR LESS expensive than a divorce managed by mediation, lawyers and/or court.

Our divorce process takes between 90 and 120 days. Divorces managed by lawyers and mediators have been known to take any where from 3 to 5 years. The emotional and financial toll of divorce will be significantly reduced with thegooddivorce.

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