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The idea of divorce is likely daunting. Or maybe you see it as an opportunity to dig in and do the work without the outside noise. Maybe you are stuck in “should I stay or should I go?” or “how do I know if divorce is the answer?”

Either way, if you are amicable and want to remain amicable it does require a team of support to help both parties stay on the amicable train. There will very likely be bumps and triggers along the way. And no matter how amicable the intention is, the sudden home life changes, child care reality and financial adjustments can catch you off guard when you least expect it. Emotional support and tools to help you navigate this is essential as divorce is considered one of the most stressful life events. Having experienced a multitude of divorces gives a hindsight, and an understanding that helps us help you prepare for and navigate your unknowns.

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We’re here to help.

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All I can say is thank you. I was a mess when I first called Christina and Julia. I felt blindsided by my wife’s request for a separation and I was devastated. thegooddivorce helped me find happiness for me and my kids.

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I wasn’t convinced that thegooddivorce could actually settle and wrap up my twelve year marriage in three months. Not only did they help us split all of our finances and create a parenting plan in three months, they helped us see the value in working together as parents. Our kids thank you.

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