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Unwrapping Resilience: A Guide to Conquering Your First Post-Divorce Christmas

Unwrapping Resilience: A Guide to Conquering Your First Post-Divorce Christmas The first holiday season post-divorce can undoubtedly stir up feelings of anxiety and downright gloom. Although I dislike pessimism, realistically, nailing your first post-divorce Christmas is unlikely. There are so many feelings and unknowns. Your saving grace [...]

love, divorce & quarantine

love, divorce & quarantine Being in close quarters for extended periods of time can be taxing for any couple at any point. A quarantine, when there are current underlying “hot spots” of resentment and poor communication could be overwhelming to any relationship. This is a heightened experience [...]

How to navigate divorce

I'm sure you've heard the term patterns, behaviours, reactions, habits ... but do you know that our patterns (yes, we all have them) very often get us the opposite of what we want in life? Our patterns are absolutely debilitating and sabotage us constantly. And we likely [...]

Divorce with Compassion

While this may sound like an oxymoron, it’s time to divorce with compassion. With a 50% divorce rate, you would think we’d have a better handle on this. We all know that it takes time for societal shifts to come to fruition, and for the sake of [...]

thegooddivorce process

Breaking up is hard to do. Add some children and assets to the equation and breaking up is suddenly a full time highly stressful job. Whether you’ve been married for 23 years or 6 months, the emotional and financial toll can be life altering. Divorce is a highly [...]

Kids and Divorce

Kids and Divorce Let’s face it divorce can be tough. It’s an unknown territory that will twist and test you in ways you’d never predict. And while it is difficult for us as adults to navigate, imagine what it can be like for our children. The two [...]

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