We have a proven track record of helping people and families find their way through and after divorce.

What does this really mean?

It means we accompany you on your journey and ensure that both parties are treated equally. We believe that both parties need to be heard and that children come first. It is likely that you are feeling tremendous stress and fear about the impact of divorce on both your financial stability and your children so we’re here and able to help lessen this.

thegooddivorce puts children first. If children are put first there is less conflict. Children that are experiencing divorce need and deserve reduced conflict. Fighting in front of your children negatively impacts their emotional development. We aim to help you maintain an emotionally healthy environment for you and your children during and after divorce.

thegooddivorce will walk you through a step by step process that embraces personal development to ensure that you are steadily moving forward.

We will help you:

  • analyze different property division options
  • understand financial and tax implications of each decision
  • understand child support and section 7 expenses
  • understand spousal support options
  • prepare budgets and financial plans
  • put everything in place for a finalized separation agreement

What makes us different.

Emotions can play a big part of the decision making process. thegooddivorce team has what it takes to support you through the emotional moments. It is this personal development component of the process that lays the foundation to accomplish your end goals. An understanding of self and the emotions that are in play will help everyone make decisions that honor the desired outcome.

thegooddivorce has designed a process that will help you;

  • start the mental shift to accept your situation (this is the first step to moving forward)
  • see the positive in your situation (there’s always a silver lining, it’s just difficult to see at times)
  • wholeheartedly be there for your children (it is a long term win for everyone if you can do right by your children)
  • experience a process that helps you heal and move forward

The emotional toll of divorce is immeasurable. At thegooddivorce our process softens the edges because we know what to expect. We stand by a process that gives you the space to be you, to be heard, and to start the process of moving on in every way.

We get it. thegooddivorce will help you pick up all of the pieces that divorce will throw your way.

Our story.

We believe there is a way to divorce better.

We’ve witnessed divorce and all of it’s misgivings … we’ve seen first hand just how difficult divorce can be. However, divorce can be a win win when the interests of both parties are front and center.

Meet Our Team

Christina Ketchen
Christina KetchenACTP, ECE
Christina, theGD founder, has built a team of de-coupling professionals that work together to help people divorce better. At thegooddivorce we believe that while divorce is not ideal, it is more and more common place and quite often, the children are the one’s who pay the price.

Divorce is one of the most challenging things life can hand you. At thegooddivorce we believe that it’s a time to show up and soak up all that it has to offer. While this may sound awfully optimistic, the process has resulted in couples successfully divorcing with an optimistic outlook on life ahead.

It’s a forward thinking approach that doesn’t often happen in the world of divorce. Sure, a lawyer or financial planner will speak to future tax implications and child support payments … but they aren’t likely helping you determine how to tap into happiness, where to find self, or how to reconnect with your passion(s).

This is what sets thegooddivorce process apart from other divorce firms. We are a team of divorce specialists that work together to help people be their best at a time when it is most difficult. You will, at some point during the process, start living a life designed by you, for you.

We’re here to help.

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