Deciding to end a relationship and separate is often a difficult and stressful experience. It’s our opinion that it doesn’t have to be. Amicability can be accomplished when two people have outside creative, strategic, and knowledgeable support.

There are ways to move through the stages of separating and divorce with less worry. There is a clear roadmap of what to do when you’re ready. thegooddivorce has developed unique approach that help you prepare and understand what’s around each corner and which road to take. Whether it’s exploring the ability to repair the relationship, navigating amicable separation, or pursuing a separation agreement or divorce, we can help.

Our unique approach ensures that you will:

  • Save money
  • Have a voice
  • Have clarity in next best steps
  • Learn about family law so feel confident in decision making
  • Get supportive, educational, effective tools relevant to you & your experience
  • Get exposure to growth mindset coaching
  • Learn about growth mindset parenting concepts
  • Get tools to assist you through the inevitable tough moments
  • Have a team of caring, experienced professionals that support you

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The time is now.

There is a roadmap to a better, happier relationship.

All I can say is thank you. I was a mess when I first called Christina and Julia. I felt blindsided by my wife’s request for a separation and I was devastated. thegooddivorce helped me find happiness for me and my kids.

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I wasn’t convinced that thegooddivorce could actually settle and wrap up my twelve year marriage in three months. Not only did they help us split all of our finances and create a parenting plan in three months, they helped us see the value in working together as parents. Our kids thank you.

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